In collaboration with the textile compagnie Vlisco we were asked to investigate how to make the brand more valuable and recognisable. Actually a Dutch brand, I found interesting to see how original it is to communicate between two continents and different cultures through creation and clothing. One is creating and the other is highlighting the craftsmanship. 

For many luxe brands, the label is a way to finish the work and give information to the client. This is a good solution to show the personal investments of the designers behind Vlisco; a testimony of quality and value.

After having incorporated the Vlisco Visual Identity in my researches, I decided to create new limited edition label tabs, attached to each Vlisco fabrics, that creates an intimate relation between the customer and the brand. You can find in a short introduction of the brand and personal drawings of one of the designers with his name in the end. 

To emphasis this idea while being fresh and glamorous. I imagined 3D printed and laser cutted tokens and blings to give away with the fabric and the tab with the aim to become a collector object.







Man and Identity

Design Academy Eindhoven