Technical informations

TITLE : E.topia

TECHNIC : Stop-motion animation


TIME : 8min

FORMAT : Mix of 2:35 and square

TARGET : Young adults/adults

E.topia is a stop-motion movie depicting our  overwhelming relation to modern technology, by staging a western instagram robot into a dismantled electronics' landscape, to raise awareness about our digital surrounding.



"The demand for the newest electronic accessories is exploding in Europe and the US. Producers are regularly topping their turnover records. Technological progress leads to the apparition to more and more sophisticated gadgets." 

- Welcome to Sodom


In a society where everything is connected, and goes faster and faster, the production of electronics is the one that increases the most every year.


Most of it ends up in huge dumping grounds, far away from us, in an apocalyptic reality where pollution and child labour is part of the routine.


France send today 10% of its electronics wastes in Africa, or other continents in countries in development. It’s huge when you know that only 1/3 can be reused. The rest is burnt to recycle the metals (copper for exemple) that are sold for a small price, and another part is recycled and transformed. While researching, I discovered the life conditions, extremely hostiles to Man and the environment.

The story takes place in a fictive electronic dump, to make it accurate, a lot of researches have been done, and based on the Europe‘s largest e-waste dump : Agbobloshie. 





The idea is to show this contrast between a modern digitalised world, and where it all ends up.



In a near futur, Violet, a Western Instagram robot, ends up in the biggest electronic dump in the world. Found and repaired by a young working girl of the area, she will follow her new owner into a world she wasn't designed for, and discover the girl's daily life. 

This meeting is the confrontation of two realities that were not supposed to meet.



The script has been written according to the researches and then studied by locals, specialists or people from the cinema industry.

Judith Erlich - Script reader for the story

Paul MathotProducer at Pedri Animation - active collaborator on the project

Joel Amusant - Check coherence of the informations

Kissehi Amatorney - Bridge between the director and Agbobloshie and check the coherence of the informations.

Roland Schrotthofer - Producer for 'Welcome to Sodom' - Blackbox Films, and check the coherence of the informations.

Henyo Wisdom - Beatmaker from Agbobloshie and inspiration


The reality of these electronic dumps, is not showed in the film like a fatality, it’s a fact. It is used as the context of the story to desacralise the use of numerical tools, in favour of a young worker’s creativity who is making music.


The tone employed during the writing aims to be either sensitive and sometimes lighter. Through the meeting between two characters having nothing in commun, the script discusses the relation Man and Machine. To make it universal and not set in a specific place, the protagonists won't speak, and will use a body language to communicate. Their eyes expressions will be an important emotional communication tool. 




is a small flying robot, a AI designed to maintain the digital persona of its owners by keeping their image at their very best for social medias, taking stylised pictures and videos of their daily life. She will follow Ada everywhere and the viewer will be invited to discover this world through her point of view.


Inspired from the stupid robot's gifs, Violet is a funny super excited photographer AI.


The pieces are UV printed on plexiglass and laser cuted. 


The puppet is shaped in foam then casted in silicone. 

The film is mixing wide 2:35 format and square sequences from the robot's point of view 

Movie scene from Violet's point of view



is a burner girl working in the dump. Violet will follow her in her routine documenting everything she sees. She's been living in the dump for her whole life, but she also feeds her passion for music in her room, as a beatmaker.

Camille Scudier with the help of Anna Deschamps - Puppet maker 

The puppet is 22cm high and need to have movable eyes, eyebrows, a small opening for the mouth. 


Christine Lecarpentier and Louise Teyssier - Puppet clothing

First puppet testing


The story takes place in a fictive electronic dump the biggest of Africa. The life conditions are hostiles and the air is extremely polluted.

The story takes place in a fictive electronic dump, the biggest of Africa. The life conditions are hostiles and the air is extremely polluted. 6 sets are planned in total. The two most importants sets are Ada’s room and the dump. The dump is divided in districts with different mountains overlooking the city center; and on the other side, a wasteland, black. The climax will take place in an internet cafe, and the final scene on a trash river.




The girl's room is the place where the magic happens... She managed to make a small music studio out of e-waste, the all interior represents her teen's fantasies. This is the place to show the area's generous creativity.

Agbobloshie is a big open-air factory. The interesting part in doing a stop-motion about it is that all the sets can be built from scrap by reusing any type of trash and waste.



"Boys and girls burn hundreds of kilos of electric cables to extract the copper and then resell it for just a few cedis per kilogram.​

Agbogbloshie is a gigantic open air factory, where anyone can pick up waste or scrap material and give it a new life.”



"The toxic fumes rise into the sky, poison the air and then settle on the soil and on the vegetables sold at the market".



"Every year, about 250.000 tons of sorted out computers, smartphones, air conditions tanks and other devices from a far away electrified and digitalized world end up here. Shipped to Ghana illegally."


The main character being a musician, her musical part will be playing a futuristic African electronic sound based on what already exists.

Tests, samples from Sydney Dyens